Bringing together the realms of consciousness and politics to shape the contemporary and future way of how to engage and find solutions in an updated and advanced democracy. Political healing in times of seperation.  

About David Packer

David is a societal visionary. In 2016 he developed "Conscious Politics" - also named the five levels of consciousness.

Right now he is implementing processes and solutions for updated and better politics step by step. Those are based on concepts created and research made by him in the last years. David has a degree from university but studied as an autodidact mostly, allowing him to explore unconventional fields and gain unique perspectives.

Conscious Politics

Politics is always evolving. How can we free ourselves from parties and other dated institutions to be able to develop into a holistic approach that serves all of us?

"My vision is that together we are shaping a new societal culture. A culture of consciousness and wholeness."

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